sneak peek at Particular Friends, Episode 4

I’ll be on the road for the next few weeks, so connectedness may be spotty at best.  I’ll view it as a welcome opportunity to Write More.

Thought I’d best mention that my serialized novella “Particular Friends” will continue with its penultimate installment this weekend. A sneak peek at Episode 4 below:

Could it be so late? I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled on my boots, hastily fumbling at their buckles. A washbasin stood in one corner with a small mirror mounted on the wall above, and though the water was like ice I splashed a little upon my face and ran my fingers through my hair, hoping I looked presentable. Grabbing the only coat I owned, I raced downstairs, arriving breathless at the front desk. The porter there, a small, straight-backed, good-looking woman with three braids looped across her head, put down her book at my approach and raised one shapely brow.  

“Good Madam,” I panted, placing a hand across my chest to still my beating heart and catch my breath. “Forgive me, but what is the hour?” 

She didn’t have time to answer before a flurry of ice flakes and a blast of cold gusted into the room. I spun to see a massive shrouded figure, all motley fur and ivory claws like raking daggers, lumbering through the front door. My chest seized up and my knees turned liquid.

 . . . Read Episode 4 of “Particular Friends” up at The Red Penny Papers this weekend. If you haven’t read the first installments,  Episode 1 here   / Episode 2 here /Episode 3 here .