Zandra Renwick has written dozens of stories under various mashups of her full name. Her genre-elastic fiction is influenced by a mixed Caribbean/Scandinavian heritage, a hippie-punk childhood, and her Norwegian grandmother’s extensive paperback collection of pulp romance and classic SF. She was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Philadelphia, Yorkshire, Austin, Copenhagen, and Toronto. A recovering vintage shop owner, she currently splits her time between an urban swamp near downtown Austin and a crumbling heritage manor in the heart of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa.

Headshot photography in Portland Oregon

“… impressive debut collection covers a wide variety of subgenres, among which she switches with ease … a welcome new addition to genre fiction.” – Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW of Push of the Sky

“Sits in the middle of a Venn Diagram of Margaret Atwood and Harlan Ellison. My only regret is that the story ends. ” – SFSignal on “And All Its Truths”

“Loved the unlikely mixture of the young adult genre and hard sci-fi in FLAMING MARSHMALLOW.” –

“… a must read for fans of speculative and literary fiction alike.” – Tangent Online

“… tumbles between fantasy, romance, and science fiction with remarkable grace and style, and her ability to effortlessly create worlds and characters we’ve never seen before is nothing short of jaw-dropping. She is, above all, a first-rate storyteller with an imagination that is off the charts.” –  John Chandler of Portland Monthly

“Fans of Saki and Lovecraft and William Hope Hodgson will enjoy… Creepy and atmospheric with a narrative style that’s rich and strong, I’m happy to say this is a good story.” – Tangent Online on “In Libitina’s House”

“Not only funny but, in our age of novelty item mania (iPad! iPhone! Ideath?) resonant” – Strange Horizons on “Flaming Marshmallow and Other Deaths”

“More Bradbury than Bova or Burroughs.” –  BooksOnMars

“Depth and complexity … beautiful turns of phrase and well-placed metaphors” –  The Fix

“The rhymes! Love the rhymes!” – Jane Espenson on “Lunar Farming Takes Real Gumption” in




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