“Particular Friends” serial novella goes live

Click for Episode 1 of Particular Friends by Camille Alexa[cover art by Natalia Pierandrei]

“Particular Friends” has gone live at Red Penny Papers, offered in bite-sized chunks for greater online readability and suspense.  From Episode 1:

And so I–who loved my mother more at the age of six than any boy the age of seven or eight or ten would ever own to–I nodded, and dried my child-tears on the hem of her dress (widow-black bombazine providing not quite so much drying as one might wish), held my child-chin aloft, and waited for her smile and her kiss.

Oh, how I loved her! And when she left me on the steps of St. Barnaby’s Academy for Younger Gentlemen that day ten years ago in Londinium, I would not have let her go had I known I should never see her again . . . .

Art!  Adventure!  Gender-flip Victoriana!  Yay!

Full link: http://redpennypapers.com/2010/10/29/particular-friends-by-camille-alexa-episode-1/