ORIGINS reviewed in Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly   has reviewed ORIGINS (Hadley Rille Books, 2009), including my story, “The Pull of the World and the Push of the Sky.”  Some cleverboots out there might recognize the inspiration for the title of my book.

From Publishers Weekly:

Fans of the fantastic will be on more familiar ground with Camille Alexa’s “The Pull of the World and the Push of the Sky,” wherein barely articulate proto-human Gunh learns to fly, and Mike Resnick’s delightful “Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge,” in which aliens try to determine the origins of now-vanished humankind.

Wow!  My buddy Gunh mentioned in the same sentence w/ Mike Resnick!  Too awesome.  Special congrats also to Gerri and Max for the mentions of their stories in the review.