Courting Morpheus available for purchase

Table of contents:

“What You Know” – Geoffrey Girard
“Hemophobia” – Angela Gray
“Aldevowering Chesterfield” – Ann Tupek
“Night Terrors Revisited” – Louise Bohmer
“Can of Worms” – Brandon Layng
“Grinds Slowly, But Exceeding Fine” – Bruce Barber
“Blood Wolf” – J. Daniel Seffens
“Poppies so Red, Bones so White” – Camille Alexa
“Like Father, Like Daughter” – Jeff Parish
“Paper Cuts” – Kevin J. Hurtack
“Franken Beans” – Donna Shelton
“The Word Inside” – David de Beer
“You’re Gonna Think I’m Nuts” – M.R. Sellars

Apex Books (of Apex Digest origin) has posted purchase information (only $15.95!) for Courting Morpheus.  My thanks to editor Jodi Lee for including my story, “Poppies So Red, Bones so White.”