Audio release of “The Green Infinity”


Kudzu has fascinated me (and freaked me out) since I saw a short documentary as a kid, footage of an abandoned farmhouse being completely overtaken by the voracious vine in a matter of weeks.  Thanks to rapid time-lapse techniques and public television, I experienced the event as happening in a matter of minutes — maybe even seconds.  Years later on a road trip across the south I drove through miles of back-country highway shrouded by towering strangled forest, trees dead underneath but giving the semblance of life in a weird kind of vegetal zombification process, a green and vibrant undeath.

Here’s my fiction tribute to this slow-motion strangler of the plant kingdom, now in audio over at new Canadian venture The Centropic Oracle:



phobos 4_deep black seaHappy to say a favorite new story of mine, “Wine-Dark” is out in Phobos Four: Deep Black Sea.

The pond behind the house is a well of flat wet darkness. Ludicrous to call this a house, with its listing gothic turrets and crumbling stone walls. She calls it the castle, which I guess makes it my castle.

The surface of the pond shimmers, ripples catching first pink hints of light almost ready to rub the sky with dawn. I tell my husband I come down every morning to feed the fish. There are no fish.

“Did you eat my fish?” I ask as her otter-sleek head breaks the pond’s black mirror.

I love this story so much, I’ve already started tinkering with a longer tale spun off this scene. Haven’t read the whole issue yet, but the lovely cover is a fantastic complement to “Wine-Dark.”

Phobos Issue Four only $6.99 on amazon:

3 play poems in NOUS Magazine

20170518_081608NOUS is without doubt the most adorable magazine my work has ever appeared in. Seriously adorable, simply the physical object of it.nous 2017-3

My copy arrived from the UK in a tidy collection-worthy packet, complete with wee little sticker and limited edition poster. Billing themselves as the “magazine for mind culture & empathic thinking,” these guys use an artisan printing process and mindful application of vivid interior color.  This thing oozes loving craftsmanship.

Check out NOUS 8, the Play Issue. Includes my poems “played out,” “play me,” and “play time.”


NOUS direct link: nous 2017 -4

the collected BIG CLICK

collected BIG CLICKSome time ago I had the great good pleasure to guest-edit Issue 18 of online noir/crime mag THE BIG CLICK. I solicited fabulous new stories from Ray Vukcevich and Silvia Moreno-Garcia, as well as reviews, interviews, and essays.

Sadly, the mag’s no longer running new stories. But for the next three weeks the entire collected catalogue is available as part of a noir story bundle. CHECK IT.

story bundle link:

Issue 18/ January 2015, “Bête Noir”:

Bête Noir: Darkness at the Crossroads:

Ad Astra

adastraI’ll be in Toronto this weekend talking Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror with other spectacular spec-fic shakers and makers. Come hear lively discourse, sip of the squashed grape, or wave to fellow ships, passing in the night — or come hear me read this Saturday! 12:00-12:30pm at Ad Astra in room Markham B.

My Mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun

Up in here celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday with a wee essay about my favourite woman depicted in Shakespeare. Read the entire thing over at Books That Shook Us [link: ]

My Mistress, Sonnet 130

1600s paintingIt’s with a poet’s heart I claim as my favourite woman in all of Shakespeare the subject of Sonnet 130: “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun.” In school we studied several of Shakespeare’s plays before an inspired and ambitious teacher drove us determinedly through the sonnets. After the previous parade of Ophelias, Juliets, and Titanias, I thrilled at Shakespeare’s earthy frankness in celebrating not only that a woman could be portrayed as human, but that as such she was more compelling than any idealization, caricature, or fancy.

      My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;
     Coral is far more red than her lips’ red. . .

Norwescon 40

This weekend I’m in lovely Washington, just outside Seattle at the Norwescon SF&F convention. I’ll be taking part in several panel discussions with worthy colleagues in the field. Come say hello.

The air in this part of the country is stunningly delicious.