Interview up at Speculating Canada

Speculating Canada claims “Canadian SF, fantasy, and horror have been cast into a literary ghetto under the power structure of CanLit, and cast as either inferior literatures, or literatures that are not ‘of here’, i.e. from abroad. Yet, Canadian speculative fiction has a long history in Canada and engages with IMG_1610ideas of Canadian identity, belonging, and concepts of nationhood, place and space (both ‘the final frontier’ type, and the geographical)…”

Today, Derek Newman-Stille grills me on a series of topics about speculative literature and the Canadian scene, in response to which I discuss fashion statements, broken grammar, yams, and the end of the world.  He kindly says, “ Her love of writing and joy at playing with literary work comes through in the interview below as well as in her fiction writing.”

Check out the interview in its entirety at the site.