“Seeds of the Lotus” to appear in Shanghai Steam

At long last! A new Matty and the Mandroid story has been written, set among the Twelve Domed Cities of Mars.  The first two — “The Clone Wrangler’s Bride” and “Droidtown Blues” — are still available online for free-range reading.

This new anthology, SHANGHAI STEAM (a Wuxia/Steampunk mash-up) promises to be Awfully Good Fun.  A full table of contents has been revealed:

  • The Fivefold Proverbs of Zhen Xiaquan – Tim Ford
  • Qin Yun’s Mechanical Dragon and the Cricket Spies  – Amanda Clark
  • Moon-Flame Woman – Laurel Anne Hill
  • Love and Rockets at the Siege of Peking – K. H. Vaughan
  •  The Master and the Guest – Crystal Koo
  • Ming Jie and the Coffee Maker of Doom – Brent Nichols
  • A Hero Faces the Celestial Empire; A Death by Fire is Avenged by Water – Julia A. Rosenthal
  • Riding the Wind – William H. Keith
  • Mistress of the Pearl Dragon – Shen Braun
  • Song of My Heart – Jennifer Rahn
  •  Last Flight of the Lóng Qíshì – Emily Mah
  • Protection from Assassins – Frances Pauli
  • Seeds of the Lotus – Camille Alexa
  • The Ability of Lightness – Tim Reynolds
  • Fire in the Sky – Ray Dean
  • The Legend of Wong Heng Li – Frank Larnerd
  • Flying Devils – Derwin Mak
  • Legend of the Secret Masterpiece – Nick Tramdack
  • Jing Ke Before the Principle of Order – Minsoo Kang