“Down Where the Best Lilies Grow” goes live

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Odette’s maman says she plucked her along with other skinny reeds down by the shallow brackish waters of the Durendal Fen near the water’s tail end where the best mud lilies grow among the beaked sedge and whorl grass.  There the small lilies push up, tiny stars tossed against green and black, blossoming like white prayers to hazy dappled cloudshine, offering themselves like virgins opening legs after wedding vows. . .

My story “Down Where the Best Lilies Grow” is live at 10Flash Magazine.  Available in its entirety at the site.

[moth image  by Kateshortforbob in Public Domain]

The Girl-Shaped Jar

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Super-short story “The Girl-Shaped Jar” has gone live at Flash Fiction Online :

Sammi’s sister sent her a funny email. A funny, funny email, showing crazy Japanese inventions to make things into other crazy things, other crazy shapes they weren’t. All crazy and stuff stuff, like watermelons grown in tempered glass jars, square right off the vine. . . .

Read the complete story here.

[picture from Wikimedia commons]

“Young Miss Frankenstein Regrets” live at Chizine

Reanimation gives rise to all sorts of
regrets, as one forgets the
repercussions sure to follow the
reappearance of the dead. . .

ChiZine  is holding a fund drive to cover operating expenses.  To support their campaign, they’ve relaunched the site with a new look, new content, and a Mega Issue, with poetry and fiction from past contributors to the magazine.

This week’s installment of the relaunch Mega Issue includes my poem “Young Miss Franenstein Regrets.”  Read fiction by  Joel Arnold, Scott Emerson Bull, Michael Colangelo, Richard Larson, Livia Llewellyn, Stewart O’Nan, and Stephen M. Wilson, and poetry from Camille Alexa, Charles Clifford Brooks III, P. S. Cottier, R. G. Evans, and Jennifer Jerome, all in one glorious place.

(artwork is Cactus Man by Odilon Redon, charcoal on paper, 1881)

“Sarah 87” makes Tangent’s Recommended Reading list

Her flesh is pink and healthy. Her muscles bunch and contract beneath mine. Her lungs fill with air and her heart beats. Each night I lie my allotted minutes beside her, content to listen to the sound of her breathing, to watch the quiver of her breasts as her chest rises and falls. In all these ways she’s alive, though her mind is the dead vacant emptiness of a hive creature of Antholos System. . .

My short story “Sarah 87” receives a star on Tangent Online’s 2010 Recommended Reading list.  This story first appeared in issue #11 of Murky Depths, still available  at the site. 

Huge thanks to Tangent and to Nathan Goldman for the mention.

Io9 likes BREAKING WAVES charity anthology!

Breaking Waves showcases the fury and fragility of the sea
As posted on Io9:
“…In my humble opinion, Randy Tatano’s story “Backtiming” (deceptively simple, but keying into a fantasy I think a lot of us have entertained at some point), “Terra Incognita” by Camille Alexa (set in a deteriorating Antarctica in a dystopic near-future that is all too plausible), and Sarah Monette’s “After the Dragon” are worth the price of admission alone.”

To support this unique Gulf Coast charity anthology, check it out at the Book View Cafe.

“Occupational Hazards of the Late-Night Girl” is FREE in AUDIO

Occupational Hazards of the Late-Night Girl

“. . .Late-night shift at Compost was two to ten.  At the start of each shift I’d unload cardboard wine-boxes of dusty hardcover books and worn toys and dented silver–my boss Toni’s gleanings from yardsales, estate sales, thrift shops.  I’d carry them to the old kitchen of the 1930s bungalow which housed Compost Books, its lowish ceilings and antique linoleum painted in swirling dove-grey patterns like the feathers of freakish emus. . . “

The Sniplits audio version of “Occupational Hazards of the Late-Night Girl” is FREE this week at Sniplits.  If you’ve wanted to check out Sniplits, now’s your chance.  If you’ve wanted to read one of my more ‘literary’ stories, now’s your chance. If you just like getting something for free that usually costs money, now’s your chance.

The offer lasts just a few days, so don’t wait too long.  This story is also available in the anthology Tales of the Heart, Vol. 1.

 Tales of the Heart, vol. 1

Particular Friends, episode 5

The final episode of my serialized Victoriana gender-flip SF-ish novella, “Particular Friends,” is live over at The Red Penny Papers.  Snippet from Episode 5:

The richly attired man threw back the lid of a large box by the hearth–one I had supposed to hold spare kindling–and pulled forth rope and a bottle of lamp oil. All the while he muttered to himself under the guise of speaking to me. He was obviously utterly mad.

 “They thought they could hide it from me, the birth. They thought they could pass it off as some random deWinter by-blow. That was a bit of a surprise–deWinter of all people!–but not too farfetched. Besides, who’d care about a Jonathan deWinter?”

At the sound of my name, I began to feel the blood pumping through to the ends of my fingers and toes. Perhaps, with the help of this bit of adrenaline and some concentration on my part, I could regain use of my limbs! I must try, I told myself. I cursed the empty pot of tea on the table and the soporific it had obviously contained. . .

If you haven’t read the first installments,  Episode 1 here   / Episode 2 here /Episode 3 here / Episode 4 here.