Late Night Debut with co-host Daniel H. Wilson


So that really great  — and by great I mean I had a total blast — Late Night Library recording I made at the gorgeous downtown Literary Arts space for the Late Night Debut is out and about in the world! Late Night Debut host Amber Keller = amazing. Co-host Daniel H. Wilson = amazing.  BLACK MOON, by Kenneth Calhoun = yes, amazing.


About the author and the audiocast from the Late Night Library site:

press-Kenneth-Calhoun“There’s a connection between the notion of the soul—or the subconscious, let’s say, in more psychological terms—and our humanity, and those things are articulated to us in the form of dreams.”

Act 1: Host Amber Keller covers controversial and entertaining book stories in the news
Act 2: Co-host authors Daniel H. Wilson and Alex C. Renwick discuss Kenneth’s debut
Act 3: Daniel talks with Kenneth about tapping into one’s dreams, the ability to sleep like a champ, and what happens when we lose both

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hear the full audiocast up close and personal HERE.

“Occupational Hazards of the Late-Night Girl” is FREE in AUDIO

Occupational Hazards of the Late-Night Girl

“. . .Late-night shift at Compost was two to ten.  At the start of each shift I’d unload cardboard wine-boxes of dusty hardcover books and worn toys and dented silver–my boss Toni’s gleanings from yardsales, estate sales, thrift shops.  I’d carry them to the old kitchen of the 1930s bungalow which housed Compost Books, its lowish ceilings and antique linoleum painted in swirling dove-grey patterns like the feathers of freakish emus. . . “

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 Tales of the Heart, vol. 1