“Young Miss Frankenstein Regrets” live at Chizine

Reanimation gives rise to all sorts of
regrets, as one forgets the
repercussions sure to follow the
reappearance of the dead. . .

ChiZine  is holding a fund drive to cover operating expenses.  To support their campaign, they’ve relaunched the site with a new look, new content, and a Mega Issue, with poetry and fiction from past contributors to the magazine.

This week’s installment of the relaunch Mega Issue includes my poem “Young Miss Franenstein Regrets.”  Read fiction by  Joel Arnold, Scott Emerson Bull, Michael Colangelo, Richard Larson, Livia Llewellyn, Stewart O’Nan, and Stephen M. Wilson, and poetry from Camille Alexa, Charles Clifford Brooks III, P. S. Cottier, R. G. Evans, and Jennifer Jerome, all in one glorious place.

(artwork is Cactus Man by Odilon Redon, charcoal on paper, 1881)