A Proposal for Perspective

My very short piece “A Proposal for Perspective” kicks off the December 2010 issue of Semaphore Magazine, which is gorgeous and free and from New Zealand, so it could hardly be more awesome.  A teaser:

 waxers wax lyrical of slipping into sleep,
of dipping into dreams
as though to be unconscious
for no certain duration and
with no certainty of waking
is somehow a welcome thing

how like death!
breathing, yes, but senseless . . . “

December 2010 Issue

Full issue includes “A Proposal for Perspective,” by Camille Alexa; “My Dad, the Tuatara,” by A. J. Fitzwater; “Dot Come,” by Alexandra Seidel; “Passport Revoked,” by Campbell Taylor; “Prometheus (revisited),” by Alexandra Seidel; “The Minotaur’s Wife,” by Megan Arkenberg; “Ms Brellin,” by Therese Arkenberg; and “Sounds After We Were Gone,” by H. Edgar Hix.