November 12-14, OryCon SF&F convention

 [photo taken by Camille Alexa @ Kennedy Space Center]

I’ll be around & about November 12-14 at the OryCon SFF convention in Portland, Oregon.   This year’s theme is “The Darker Side of Fantasy.”  Guests of honor include Sharyn November and P.N. Elrod.  More info here.

My panel schedule for the weekend:

Artists, Writers or Loonies?* (Fri Nov 12 2:00:pm – 3:00:pm)
It has been said that writers, artists, filkers, and their ilk are successful because they are wired differently…How far off the beaten path are they?
Camille Alexa, Cat Rambo, Alma Alexander, Janet Freeman

Endeavour Awards** (Fri Nov 12 6:30:pm -7:00:pm)
2009 Endeavour Award: The Award honors the best SF/F book written by a Pacific Northwest writer.
Camille Alexa, Jim Fiscus, Cat Rambo, Sara A. Mueller, Sheila Simonson, Marilyn Holt

Camille Alexa Reading*** (Sat Nov 13 10:00:am -10:30:am)

Writing with all your senses**** (Sat Nov 13 1:00:pm -2:00:pm)
Writers are always reminded to write with all their senses…What writers can take for granted, and what they should use to enrich their writing.
Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Camille Alexa, Richard A. Lovett, K. C. Ball

Drowning in slush***** (Sat Nov 13 3:00:pm -4:00:pm)
The best and worst of slush…What makes a story stand out from the slush pile? Sharyn November, Cat Rambo, Camille Alexa, Elisabeth Waters

Steampunk: Victorian marvels of science fantastic******(Sun Nov 14 1:00:pm-2:00:pm)
Discuss and learn about the marvelous world of steampunk. What’s new and what’s classic in books, movies, art, toys and even music!
Andie Letourneau, P.N. Elrod, Gail Carriger, Camille Alexa

*Oh, look! You get to come see both Cat & me on the same panel just hours before they announce the Endeavor Award.  Yay.
**You can totally attend this, you know.  Clapping for underdog debut authors with small indy press shortfic collections heartily encouraged.  I’m sure Cat & I will both appreciate it.
***Uhm…please come.  I’m personally inviting you Right Now. Yes, you.
****Hey! My first attempt at moderating! Can’t miss that.
*****In which my first order of business will be to confess I drowned already and am no longer Flash Editor at A&A.
******Uncertain what I can add to this discussion.  Knowing me, I’ll be more punk than steam and say all the wrong things.  Or is that more steam than punk?  Not sure.
And PLEASE don’t forget to come join me & a billion (almost) other writers on Sunday at Powell’s Books (3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. 1.800.878-7323) for AuthorFest.  You’re encouraged to bring any books for signing!
~ ~ ~
Always always always feel free to come say hi.  Even if I’m sitting around with a bunch of other super-intimidating SFF writers (snicker) in the bar (okay — that part’s likely) and we’re all looking too cool for school (doublesnicker).