FEAROLOGY table of contents announced

The Table of Contents has been announced for the forthcoming anthology Fearology : Tales of Phobias, which includes the Camille Alexa story, “Things From Things.”
Full TOC :
Stephanie Kincaid  –  Bursting With Nutty Goodness
Colin Harvey  –  Dark
C. C. Blake  –  I Own My Fears
Val Muller  –  Horrible Harry
Mark Souza  –  Relative Undertow
F. J. R. Titchenell  –  Gravity
Robert Guffey  –  Birth Of A Nation
Camille Alexa  –  Things From Things
Jonathan Moon  –  The Fear vs The Need
Merrill Catharine Hodnefield  –  Isobel And The Machine
Ken Goldman  –  Donny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
Joe Nazare  –  Bash
Quinn Hernandez  –  The Hell Behind Her Eyes
J. T. Seat  –  The Cock Collection
Gustavo Bondoni  –  Back In The Fold
Kody Boye  –  DJ Skippy Says Life Goes On