“Industriously Yours” to be performed at STEAM Fest 2010

My short play Industriously Yours (written as Miss Camille Alexa) is a winner of the STEAM Fest Steampunk play contest!  Along with Nick of Time by Mister Drew Davis and The True History of Henry Rayne and the Airship PiratesIndustriously Yours will be performed at the 2010 Steampunk Festival, AKA the Steampunk Theatre Entertainment Art & Music Festival (or STEAM Fest).
the play:
In hopes their daughter will forget her Attachment to Rupert, a young man of dubious Social Standing, Cecile’s parents have sent her for an extended stay of no certain duration to the Sisters of the Blessed Cog in a remote mountain abbey. Cecile, decidedly sick of mountain air, yodeling goatherds, and Rupert’s absence, writes in turn various relations and acquaintances requesting materials for a Very Secret Project. Soon Gretna Green and Rupert are just a few stitches, some begging, and some well-timed blackmail away. . .
The Academy Theatre, Avondale Estates, June 19th-20th 2010 just outside Atlanta, GA.  More information here.