OryCon SF convention in Portland, Oregon

At OryCon 31, the annual Science Fiction Convention in Portland, Oregon, this is where you can find me:
Friday, Nov. 27th @ 2 pm
Not enough humanoids? – with Elton Elliott, Camille Alexa, David D. Levine, & Irene Radford.
Saturday, Nov. 28 @ 11 am
A Polite Society – with Sheila Simonson, Camille Alexa, M.K. Hobson, & Norm Hartman.
Saturday, Nov. 28 @ 1 pm
Drowning in Slush – with Maggie Jamison, Colleen Anderson, Deb Taber, Camille Alexa, & Lou Anders.
Saturday, Nov. 28 @ 3 pm
Women role models in science fiction – with Felicity Shoulders, Camille Alexa, Kristin Landon, & Mike Shepherd Moscoe.
Saturday, Nov. 28 @ 5 pm
Broad Universe readings – with Camille Alexa, Kamila Miller, Brenda Cooper, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Mary Robinette Kowal, Kristin Landon, M.K. Hobson, Phoebe Kitanidis, & A.M. Dellamonica.
Sunday, Nov. 29 @ 12 pm
 I Will Call My Story … Bob – with Richard A. Lovett, Rebecca Neason, Patricia Briggs, David D. Levine, Camille Alexa.
~ ~ ~
I’ll also be involved with a semi-secret reading event, possibly involving the likes of Mary Robinette Kowal, M.K. Hobson, David Levine, and others.   Stay tuned.